Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Strange and Abbreviated

Well, life is finally returning to normal. That is, if you consider this normal:

For roughly the last week, Sarah and I have been moving into our new, tiny studio apartment. Unfortunately, Sarah's also gone back to work, which means that I've been taking care of the majority of the moving and unpacking during the day while she's working. And, you know what we've discovered?

I'm really bad at unpacking things.

Most evenings, Sarah has returned home to find me sort of walking in circles with a glazed over look on my face, muttering strange mantras, like "boxes boxes boxes boxes" to myself.

Luckily, we've got the computer up and running now (complete with brand-spankin' new flatscreen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse), so when the organizing gets to be too much for me, I can retreat into the interweb.

And, thanks to our friend Shahaf, I am able to pass the time reading about my favorite thing: Sarah and I travelling.

Shahaf has managed to power through and read every single one of our entries here, and has produced a Cliff's Notes version of our trip. Just the fact that he read the whole thing is impressive since, as he notes:

This blog is long. It’s 136 detailed entries. If you were to, say, copy and paste it into Microsoft Word, you’d find that it has 138,985 words and spans 305 pages; and that doesn’t even include the pictures.

But, the fact that he created, a sort of "greatest hits" of our blog is something that both Sarah and I are greatful of... and amused by. So, if you don't want to read all of Strange and Benevolent; now you can at least read the Cliff's Notes and pretend like you did. Enjoy!

Shahaf's Cliff's Note Version of Strange and Benevolent.