Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Complete Photos: Germany

And last but not least: Germany. Or, rather, Munich. We just had one day in Munich, but that was still enough time to take a tour and drink some beer! Then, we were headed home...

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The Complete Photos: Hungary

...or, perhaps I should have titled this "The Complete Photos: Budapest," since that's all we saw of Hungary. Still, Budapest was the last little breather we had before we headed home. I remember being frustrated a lot because we couldn't find a place to stay, were running out of money, it was raining and we thought we had bedbugs... yet I still think fondly of Budapest.

RTW: Hungary

The Complete Photos: Romania

We were in Romania for only two nights, but we impressed with what we saw: Transylvania, "Dracula's Castle," Brasov. I'd definitely like to go back and explore all of Eastern Europe more someday.

Here's the 50 or so photos we took while we were there:

RTW: Romania

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Complete Photos: Bulgaria

Happy Birthday to me! It's crazy to think back to celebrating Sarah's Birthday on the other side of the planet, in Vietnam. And now, we are back to life as usual in Seattle. But, even if my Birthday can't be in an exotic locale, at least Sarah is helping me celebrate it in style: Last weekend she arranged for me to have a massage, and tonight she is taking me out for a nice dinner. Thank you, honey! I love you!

Anyhow, back to Eastern Europe. We took exactly 100 photos in Bulgaria. Of the Eastern European countries we visited, we probably saw the most of Bulgaria... but still, that only amounts to two cities. Still, I really enjoyed our quick visit and would be happy to have the opportunity to explore it more some day.

RTW: Bulgaria

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Complete Photos: Turkey

Sorry. It's been a couple of days since I last posted here. I've been fairly busy with Holiday stuff and job hunting. But, I also have some good news attached to that: I've found a job! I will begin my new job at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation next Monday. Luckily, I'm nearing the end of our travel photos, so hopefully I'll finish things up here before leaping into my next adventure... going back to work after a nine month vacation.

Anyhow, somehow we managed to take over 400 photos during the two weeks we were in Turkey. I know that a couple of things, like Istanbul's Hagia Sofia, really brought out both Sarah and mine's inner-shutterbug. So, while it's a lot of photos, I'm actually not to surprised.

RTW: Turkey

From here on out, the photo collections will probably get a lot smaller. Our final two weeks of our trip are divided over 4 countries... so sadly, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Germany will have fairly small collections. Stay tuned though!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Complete Photos: Egypt

When people ask me about Egypt, occasionally, my response goes something like this: "You have to remember that Egypt has probably had tourism longer than any other country in the world. As a result, they've figured out how to work over tourists better than any other country."

That said, for each hassle we experienced in Egypt, we also got to experience one truly amazing thing after another: The pyramids, the Nile, Abu Simbal, Luxor, and on and on. See for yourself...

RTW: Egypt

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Complete Photos: Kenya

Our stay in Kenya was only a little over a week, but between our stay with the Masai family, and our afternoon whirlwind tour of Masai Mara National Park, we still managed to take quite a few amazing photos! Enjoy!

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Monday, December 3, 2007

The Complete Photos: South Africa

Animal lovers, this set is for you! The majority of our photos from South Africa are from our Kruger Park Safari. But, even when we weren't take pictures there, we were riding ostriches, visiting other reserves, looking at Dassies and Penguins at the Cape, or going to the Cape Town Aquarium.

RTW: South Africa