Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nueva Entrada

Sarah did a great job of summarizing everything we saw today in her entry below, so I won´t bother repeating what she just posted. So, instead, I´ll just add a couple notes.

On how the rest of the world drives - Sometime, in ancient history, the entire world got together and decided the "Rules of the Road." After the Rules had been carefully laid out, America implimented them. And, to this day, we still follow them to the letter. Meanwhile, the rest of the World shrugged, said "meh" and threw them out the window of their car. "Let America follow those rules" the rest of the World said, "I´ve got somewhere to go." Stoplights? Optional. Four lanes on the road? Perfect for six cars. And while America has only mastered the "I hate you with a passion" style of honking the horn. The rest of the world has turned it onto a subtle instrument that, I´m sure, would allow them to recite poetry if they so choose.

Meanwhile, the only accident we´ve seen is what appeared to be a fender bender between two sets of Americans in rental cars. I´m sure there is a message here somewhere.

On the changing of the guards - Theres a point in the changing of the guards, at the Governor´s Palace, in which six men in red and blue suits on horseback ride circles around each other, while a man in a military uniform shouts triumphantly over a PA system. I like to think he is saying something like: "Our valiant soldiers will ride over our enemies and crush them under their hooves! Then we shall return home! And make passionate love to our beautiful wives! For great and glorious is the Empire of Peru!"

Anything less than that would disappoint me.

On the skulls in the catacombs - I´m not sure if I´d ever seen actual skulls and bones before. It was creepy. But also fascinating. The catacombs were actually a dark and cool relief from the oppressive heat of the streets. And the air smelled musty and earthy. At one point a middle aged woman started too panic a bit. She turned and started talking franticly to me. Not sure how to respond, I used the tried and true "no habla Espanol." She pushed past me, and later our tour group met her back up on ground level. I guess she just couldnt take the low ceillings and tight hallways... oh, and the rooms full of human skulls.

On taking a tour that is in Spanish - Taking a tour in which the tour guide only speaks Spanish is fine when you a looking at an old library filled with spiral staircases, ancient books and religious icons. It becomes slightly less interesting when the tour guide is talking about what appears to be a dresser.

On being pooped on by a pigeon - One day into the trip, and a pigeon has already pooped on me. Somehow, I suspect it won´t be the last time.


Austin said...

Hopefully there is a continent without pigeons.

ambika said...

My envy right now is actually rising up in my throat. You guys are rad (tho the pigeon is not.)

Amrit said...

Drivers the world over are crazy, if you think it is bad here, wait till you get to Delhi. It is chaos personified there, Rome is bad too, and amazingly, so is Germany.

Glad you guys are having a good time, and I'll be checking back as often as I can.

Oh and one observation is right, the more organised the roads the more accidents you see.