Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Food Around the World

Though Seattle can have a reputation for being clique-ish (I believe there's even the term "Seattle Freeze"), once you get to know someone, you often get opened up to a whole group of new and fascinating people. Many great people I'm friends with started off as friends of friends, who one day you realize are actually just friends.

Jody is one of these people. Funnily enough, we actually met just before she moved from Seattle to New York. But over the years, we've managed to see each other and travel to places (Toronto, Prague, Alaska) along with our mutual friend, Alison. Since moving to New York, Jody has embraced the culinary world and has started a fantastic blog called eddybles. (Quite clever, as her last name is Eddy.) It's one of the few things I check regularly from the road, outside my email and comments on our own blog.

One of the joys of travelling for me is food--wine (as evidenced below), exotic fruits, unique local dishes, the whole bit (so long as it doesn't make me ill). As Jody and I started corresponding about food--me salivating over her fabulous recipes and photos, she probing for information about what I've been eating and tasting--she had the brilliant idea to collaborate. I could write about the foods of areas we've travelled through, she could include a related recipe.

Here's our first stab with empanadas and South America food musings.

Hope you enjoy and check out other entries from her blog! We plan to keep it up continent by continent, so let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

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Alison said...

Hi Jody and Sarah!! What a fun idea, I love it! :)