Monday, June 4, 2007

Food Around the World III: Vietnam

Writing about all our food experiences in Vietnam felt like a monumental task. The food varied quite a bit, with dishes specific to regions and even individual towns. So rather than try and capture everything, I wrote about some of my most memorable meals for this collaboration entry with eddybles. You can read all about fresh rice noodle, DIY BBQ and spring rolls and more.

For Jody's part, she included a fantastic recipe for Vietnamese Rice Noodle Bun with Beef. Before going to Vietnam, bun was probably my favorite Vietnamese dish--fresh rice noodles, fresh herbs and vegetables, grilled meat, with sweet and tangy fish sauce. Before leaving Seattle, I was sure to memorize the Vietnamese name of the dish so that I could be sure to order it even if menus weren't in English. I had bun a few times in Vietnam--actually my first meal in Ho Chi Minh City was bun (Tyler had pho, his favorite)! I think Jody's would probably still have all the verions I had beat, though.


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