Sunday, August 19, 2007

Food Around the World: Kenya

During our time in Kenya, our Masaai friend and guide, Hesaan, would sometimes come up with interesting questions out of the blue. Not all of them were politically correct ("why do all Asians look alike?") but it was always a bit of a feat to try and answer them diplomatically and in a way that would make sense. One day he asked us, "Why do Chinese people eat dogs?" In our attempt to answer that one, we talked about how people all over the world find different things delectable. For example, most Americans don't eat goat. They'll use goat milk and make goat cheese, but your average American would think that eating goat is about as strange as we might find eating a dog. To this, the inimitable Hesaan replied that he would come to America and eat all the goats we Americans were too stupid to appreciate.

Fortunately, Jody of Eddybles didn't shy away from the challenge when it came to recreating a Kenyan meal. From my observations and her own research, she created a menu of Kenyan treats, Mshikaki (yogurt-marinated goat), Irio (like mashed potatoes) and Ugali With Roasted Tomatoes and Cabbage. You can try to take some of those American goats from Hesaan and read about other Kenyan delicacies at her blog.

Bon appetite!


Hassan ole Melelek Brave Moran said...

Sarah and Tyler, Strange and Benevolent are no Longer Stangers
in Kenya and Maasai Land Narok.
They left a Wonderful Mark in my
Life that i will always Strive for
the best in life and Happiness is the most precious gift in life.
Donald Gisen East African School of
Media Executive Director you are a
wonderful friend because i meet Tyler and Sarah by you. Thanks very Much all.
American i am Coming soon to eat all goats and sheep hence share roats meat with Sarah Tyler and not forgetting George Bush i gusse he is a Maasai why he like Peace..
Holy wood Here i come to Shoot a Maasai Movie ...
cheers all come and Discover the wonderful hidden treasures of maasai culture songs and dances..
God bless you my friends,

Sarah said...

Hassan! (sorry for spelling your name wrong!) We still owe you pictures, and we will be sending a package for Vincent and family once we return home. We still can't thank you enough for our time in Maasai Land, and it sounds like Americans have started to understand the deliciousness of goat!! Not all of it for you anymore! We'll be in touch. Sarah and Tyler

Anonymous said...
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