Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Travel by Numbers

or, Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

You know what is really annoying? When you meet a traveller, and all he can do is brag about how many countries he visited on his last trip*, or how long his last trip was** or how many continents he's been to.***

So, instead of bragging about those usual things, I thought I'd share the number and variety of vehicles we travelled on over the last seven months. While we were travelling, I kept a running list. And here it is!

Number of Times Sarah and I Rode of Different Vehicles
In descending order. (Not counting taxis)

Day Bus: 23
Public & Local Bus: 22
Tuk Tuk/Auto-Rickshaw: 20
Commercial plane: 19
Tram/Subway/Light Rail: 15
Tour Bus: 13
Night Bus: 11
Train: 10
Ferry: 9
Airport Shuttle: 8
Gondola & Funicular: 7
Motor Boat: 5
Moped: 5
Row Boat: 5
Motatu: 4
Cyclo: 4
Hitchhiking: 3
Safari Jeep: 2
Falucca: 2
Tour Boat: 2
Kayak: 2
Rikki: 2
Small plane: 1
Aqua Taxi: 1
Camel: 1
Elephant: 1
Ostrich: 1 (Tyler only)

# of Days Driving the Spaceship: 20
# of Days Driving a Rental Car: 20
# of Days Riding on the back of a motorcycle in Vietnam: 5
# of Days on a Turkish Yacht: 4
# of Days Riding in a 4x4 truck listening to Chicha Disco Boliviano: 3
# of Days Riding in a 4x4 truck driven by teenage boys across the Himalayas: 2

As you can see, it was a long crazy haul. Honestly, I thought we would have ridden on more trains, but -sadly- their day seems to have passed in most parts of the world. Most forms of transportation were a treat... but I'll be happy if I never have to ride another bus again.

* 17 countries.
** 210 days.
*** 6 continents... I'm lookin' at you Antarctica!

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eddybles said...

I love the round up! And count me in for Antarctica!