Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Complete Photos: Turkey

Sorry. It's been a couple of days since I last posted here. I've been fairly busy with Holiday stuff and job hunting. But, I also have some good news attached to that: I've found a job! I will begin my new job at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation next Monday. Luckily, I'm nearing the end of our travel photos, so hopefully I'll finish things up here before leaping into my next adventure... going back to work after a nine month vacation.

Anyhow, somehow we managed to take over 400 photos during the two weeks we were in Turkey. I know that a couple of things, like Istanbul's Hagia Sofia, really brought out both Sarah and mine's inner-shutterbug. So, while it's a lot of photos, I'm actually not to surprised.

RTW: Turkey

From here on out, the photo collections will probably get a lot smaller. Our final two weeks of our trip are divided over 4 countries... so sadly, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Germany will have fairly small collections. Stay tuned though!

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