Sunday, June 29, 2008

Domestic Adventures

The last time I posted was September 21st, a few weeks after we'd returned to Seattle. While I had intentions of keeping up with some blogging, I've had trouble actually sitting down and doing it. Tyler and I would agree that we should do something about a recent event. But, eventually--after much procrastination--Tyler would say to me, "Do you just want me to write about going to Austin/Meeting up with Greg from Safari/trip anniversaries?" and I would say, "Yes, please." And I'm not sure why. Given the opportunity, I still love to talk about our trip; I've even been re-reading the blog and love reliving the memories that Tyler and I put to the page along the way.

And it's not that we haven't had news. We started househunting in April, looked at about 20 houses in two days, made an offer and got the keys on my 32nd birthday.

The front of our new home on Beacon Hill

Official owners

We've also been on our first hike of the year (if wet):

Tiger Mountain in April, wet but quiet

Visited Santa Monica to see my brother- and sister-in-law:

Meghan, Travis and Tyler in LA with the Hollywood sign, no less

Hosted our friends Silke and Ricardo that we met in India during some of their last days during a yearlong RTW trip:

With Silke and Ricardo in Seattle. We met them during their first week of travel and then again during the last week before heading home

And had our housewarming party:

Tyler, BBQ master

Seeking shade in the "party-port"

The silk lanterns we bought in Vietnam finally get to shine

And we're starting a family, something that travel helped us realize we really did want to do together.

Good news at four weeks!

Week 19 and looking pregnant

Now instead of days filled with sightseeing, travelling from Point A to B and navigating new cultures and cities, we go to work, do yard work, spend too much money at Home Depot, (if you're me, sleep a lot) and generally go about usual daily life. And as much as I've already started thinking about what would be good places to travel to with a baby, I'm pretty satisfied with the domestic adventures we're having right now.

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