Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Departures, Birthdays and Weddings

Quick entry this week!

Last weekend was a flurry activity for Sarah and I with one friend having a going away party (he's moving to New York), another celebrating her 30th Birthday, and two other friends getting married to each other. It was the sort of whilrwind of activity that literally makes you sad to see the weekend end, but which also leaves you more tired and harried than when it started. Still, good food, good wine (for me at least) and great company! Who can really complain... even if we are falling behind on chores around the house.

Here's Sarah!

24 weeks!

In that picture, Sarah is all dressed up for our friends Birthday dinner. The party itself was a Marjorie. It's one of our favorites, and actually were I celebrated my 30th Birthday. Good stuff!

But, even though we are behind on our chores and projects at the house, I can definitely tell the nesting instinct is kicking in. The babies room might still a pile of stuffed animals and baby clothes, surrounded by a light dusting of sample paint chips; but we've got a dinning room table...

Hopefully this will mean lots of dinner parties in our future! Although it is odd to think that just a year ago, we were still homeless and living out of our backpacks. How things can change in a year.

From drifting to nesting.

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