Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Falling just a bit closer

I really have no idea what that title means, except it sounds dramatic. And, well, not only is Fall upon us... but the number if days between now and Sarah's due date are getting smaller and smaller. (Then, again, it sounds omnious, which definitely doesn't match our mood these days. Which is somewhere between giddy and overwelmed.)

Speaking of which, let's skip straight to some Sarah pictures, since I haven't posted any of those in a couple of weeks.

Sarah at Week 28. This was actually the picture taken at her mom's place. She's actually facing the other direction, but I flipped it to keep the direction the same as the others.

Week 29. Who's that in the mirror?

Week 30. At Sarah's brother's apartment in Berkley.

...and Week 31. Can you beleive we are at week 31?!

And what have we been up to? A little of this, and a little of that. Probably the biggest event was our trip down to Berkley to see Sarah's brother, Tim, and sis-in-law, Jeanne. Even though Sarah is actually off to Baltimore as I type this, that was most likely our last real trip before the baby's arrival.

Since we were only in the Bay Area for a couple of days, it was quite a whirlwind trip. One of the definite highlights was visiting the Muir Woods National Monument. Despite the crowds, it was nice to get the opportunity to wander through the redwoods (I beleive the first I've ever seen). Here's a picture or two...

Tim and I at the base of a tree, giving you a sense of size. Even as someone who has grown up in Washington, I had to admit these were some big trees.

While staging this picture, a group of people started to surround us. Feeling awkward and holding my camera, I had no choice but to loudly state the obvious to everyone around: "Look everyone! A pregnant girl in a tree!"

The Muir Woods were also interesting in that they not only did they host the delegates which drafted and signed the UN charter, but also were an early gathering place for the exclusive and secretive Bohemian Club. Here are some more Muir Woods' pictures, if you are into pictures of trees.

In addition to visiting Muir Woods, we also visited San Francisco's Asian Art Museum. And went to Vik's Chaat, and amazing India restaurant housed in a large warehouse. With is buslting crowd, blaring Bollywood music, delicious India food and crazy casual atmosphere, Sarah and I agreed that it was probably the closest we'd felt to being in India since we left over a year ago. I'd ramble about it more, but you can just read my review of it here.

Speaking of our trip, it's worth mentioning that, as of September 12th, we've now been back home for over a year. Strange. So, while the title of this entry is "falling just a bit closer," I supposed it could just as easly be "falling just a bit farther away."

EDIT: As a side note, I've recently been making more of an effort to up date my other blog General Admission more often. As I've probably explained before, it's more just my random thougths and interests, and not so much about Sarah and myself, but check it out if you are interested.

EDIT 2.0: I made two corrections to the above entry. First, in the final picture of Sarah, she is only 31 weeks pregnant, not 32 like originally captioned. In addition, several people freaked when they saw reference to "babies." Sorry, that was supposed to read "baby's" ...why might not know the sex of the tummy monkey. But we know there is only one tummy monkey in Sarah's belly.


Sean said...

Hi Sarah and Tyler, I just finished reading your blog end to end, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading of your adventures. I'm using your blog as research for my own RTW trip, and all your insights and experience will hopefully be put to good use. I hope my own blog will compare once its finished. Best of wishes for starting your family!

Sean, from Toronto, ON

chriscla said...

Tyler... What do you mean by "when the babies arrive"? That would imply more than one baby. Are you referring to the moment that Sarah has to take care of you and a new kid?

The pictures look great and I am so excited for you two. Keep the posts coming.

The General said...

Chris, yeah, unfortunately for Sarah, she will soon be stuck with two babies... one newbown and one 32 year old.

Hey Sean, I'm raelly happy to hear that you enjoyed our blog and are using it to inspire your own trip. Feel free to email me at tylerhill75 at gmail.com, if you have any questions while planning your trip. Sarah and I would be happy to help in any way we can!