Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guaranteed Mood Enhancer

Funniest thing ever

And, in case that wasn't enough, a few recent Stella photos....

All dressed up for Lucy's 1st birthday

Who's a girly girl? Kitty in a purse!

Going to the Children's Museum. Stella insisted on the red jacket.

Somebody has decided that in addition to their Soothies, they have a favorite blankie.

Green polka dot PJs and the panda hat

Just a happy Sunday morning. Yes, Stella is totally pinching my cheek.


divya said...

this is fantastic! the video made me laugh a lot, which in turn, made Anya cry. crazy babies.

ambika said...

The red jacket is so perfect with that dress-brings out the flowers in the pattern. Now I just need to make sure she's properly obsessed with shoes instead of purses and we'll be set.

Rick said...

Man oh man..I laughed so hard..I have never seen a "baby" laugh so much from her heart. Thank you Stella for making my life worth while. You are truly a unique wonderful Granddaughter. Gramma Susan.

Emily said...

I love her belly laugh! Made me smile big time.