Friday, April 2, 2010

Arts and Letters

Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend about her son's child care, and one of the advantages she mentioned was that they did things that she wouldn't do at home, like crafts. Having not experimented too much with the arts at home to date, I decided to give it a go this Friday. Project #1: finger painting. Given Stella's recent interest in stirring things together (and ability to not put everything in sight in her mouth), I thought she would enjoy it. It might be messy, but fun.

Stella did enjoy it quite a bit, but she was much more interested in using the wooden stir stick as a paintbrush than with getting her hands too messy. (Messy fingers tended to result in Jackson Pollock-like spatters as she tried to shake it off.) And it wasn't even too messy. I got her down to her diapers, wore old workout clothes, and set us up in the kitchen on her usual splat mat. I transferred her straight from painting to tub, and it wasn't any messier than your average meal.

Stella as artiste, surrounded by her masterpieces

She's also been really into drawing lately, though we have to spend a lot of time reminding her that the crayons are only for paper. Not the tiles. Not the walls. Not the cabinets. Not her mouth.

I always imagine this makes Tyler quite happy! Not only is she drawing, but she seems to prefer the orange crayon we have.

In addition to her artsy forays, Stella's shown quite the interest in the written word this week as well:

This week Stella's been obsessed with Tyler's great-uncle's portable typewriter. He was a reporter, and this was probably the cutting edge technology at the time. It's clear that Stella's been watching us on our computers; she'll move her fingers rapidly over the keys as if she's speedily typing away!

Reading isn't so new, but sitting on the couch with a magazine, casually flipping through the pages, just seemed so adult. I remember the days when we gave her these magazines to destroy not so many months ago!

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