Wednesday, May 5, 2010

17 Months

I remember noticing shortly after Stella turned one that there seemed to be a major leap in kid's capabilities right around 18 months. The babies I saw who seemed stable on their feet and just a little be more kid-ish and less baby-ish always seemed to be 18 months old. At 17 months, Stella certainly thinks she's a big girl. As Tyler mentioned in his previous post, she's moving on from baby things. This has included:

Wearing Daddy's sunglasses:

and Mom's Converse:

She's also learned that she can climb up on things for a better vantage point. And move chairs so she can reach what she wants. So much for leaving her out of sight for any length of time....

So far we've been lucky, but it seems this can only lead to tears....

We also haven't been making an effort to do potty training, but Stella's been showing an interest. Occasionally she'll lead us into the bathroom and then prompt us to put her on the toilet. She's even taken to "wiping" with toilet paper while sitting there. We sure wouldn't mind being done with diapers, but I think this is more play than anything right now. But a step in the right direction!

Potty time!

I don't know why, but Stella just looks so serious and grown up to me in this picture. (Well, minus the humongous pacifier.)

And I couldn't resist this little clip. For better or worse, she's picked up my "mmm"ing habit when eating something she likes. Usually it's while she's having something she really likes, but she's even "mmm"ed while waiting in line for ice cream at Full Tilt!


Theoretically in the next month we need to get rid of the pacifier and lose the night time bottle. Any suggestions?

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Emily said...

Love her cute little pig tails and Mmmmm's! And very impressive she's learning about the potty.