Monday, May 2, 2011

Arboretum Waterfront Hike

While I'm excited to have baby number 2 in the summer, it does likely mean a decrease in our usual hiking and camping activities. So when we had what's been a rare sunny day in Seattle a few weekends ago, Tyler and I decided to take advantage of the weather and go for a little urban hike. So we loaded up, stopped by Ezell's for picnic fixin's and headed to the Arboretum's waterfront hike.

The hike starts near Lake Washington and takes you, via boardwalks, across two islands.

We spent much of our time slogging through puddles, but it was still worth it for great views, fresh air, lots of boats and a little wildlife.

It clearly hasn't been our imagination that it's been a soggy spring!

In addition to our little duck friends in the previous picture, we also saw this lovely heron and evidence of beavers.

This little viewpoint raised us up for a view of all the people on the water and the lowering of the University bridge.


The only downside was that Stella apparently associates "park" with "playground" and was not very impressed that there wasn't one to be found on our outing!

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Emily said...

Poor Stella, that's pretty funny, but from her point of view probably wasn't very cool not having a playground! I hope the fried chicken made up for it!