Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mini-Catch Up

A lot's been happening: I'm back at work, Otto turning three months, Halloween and going away for my first work trip. And besides that, there's just the daily work of having two kids, a job, a remodel and still not enough sleep. So this little quick update will have to do for now!

While I was in Anaheim for the annual American Evaluation Association's conference, I was shocked to realize that we had taken photos of Otto on the day he turned three months but had failed to document it here:

Otto at 3 months (with his sister who can't stand to not be part of the action)

Otto continues to be a pretty easy-going baby, hanging out, watching Stella, and starting to roll over and be obsessed with his toes:

Rolling over! It's still an occasional occurrence, and he gets frustrated that his arm gets stuck under his chest, but it is offically part of his baby repetoire. (And, funny story, this outfit was from a family at Stella's child care that had a slightly older Otto and handed this down! Even stranger is that they're a friend of a friend of a friend. With a son named Otto. Small world.)

Wearing a cute hat from Nana!

Starting to sit in his little baby seat and hanging with his fantastic older sister

Stella keeps things interesting, too, coming home from preschool with all kinds of new skills (necklace beading) and songs:

Apparently they sing this during birhday circle times: 12 (months), 52 weeks, 365 days, the earth goes round the sun....

And here's my fantastic family--big sister, big baby brother, and wonderful husband. I missed them so much while I was gone:


Charity said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah. Listening to Stella sing that song made my heart melt!! What a sweet and smart little girl! I love how Otto just hangs out and plays with his feet in the video and she reaches over to tickle him. It's going to be so much fun watching our kids grow up together being so close in age! Great quick post, and I hope you get a little more rest here soon! :) xoxo

Emily said...

Otto's "Otto" outfit is so stinkin' cute! And I love Stella's song and her desire to be in all of Otto's photos, what an awesome big sister. And I'm sorry you had to go on a business trip already, Tyler's fb post about being incomplete without you made my heart melt. And I bet you were extra appreciated when you came home. Thanks for the quick update and photos!