Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Peru Photos!

If you notice, this entry has no "Tyler Reporting" or "Sarah Reporting" graphic... because this is both of us working together on this post. We´ve got all our photos from Peru transfered onto a couple disks, so now we thought we´d upload a few here for all your viewing enjoyment.

This is far from all the photos we´ve taken, but we thought you´d all still like to see some pictures from our misadventures so far. (Click on the photos to see them enlarged.)

Here we are, at 4:30 AM, about to depart on our adventure!

Sarah appreciating some frescoes at the Santa Catalina Monastary in Arequipa.

Fruit stands at the market in Arequipa. Sarah´s heaven!

Plaza de Armas in Arequipa. We were having a beer in a restaurant high above it. We´ve really enjoyed the plazas in all the cities we´ve visited.

Tyler in a side street in Cusco. All the moderns buildings in this part of town were built on top of Incan walls.

The plaza in Cusco. Everything in Cusco seemed so epic.

Tyler kneeling on top of the watch tower in Pisac. Notice that he´s proudly wearing his alpaca wool cap that he got for about $4.

Tyler kneeling in front of some other ruin... we forget its name... Machu something?

Sarah appreciating the view.

An old woman carrying her bundle down a path toward a rock arch on Isla Taquile, on Lake Titicaca.

That´s it for now. But, in the future we´ll try to be better about uploading photos. With any luck, we´ll have some pictures of Bolivia and Chile before we leave the continent on Saturdsay.


Tim said...

Yeah, photos!!
Thanks for posting these. It's great to see pictures of you in the places you've been writing about.

Rick said...

The photos are great that first one seems familar some how....

Sarah said...

Great Photos. Looking forward to seeing more.

Tim said...

Where is "Sarah appreciating the view"? Near Machu Picchu?