Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So, I knew I forgot something...

So, when I made my last post, I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about... but proceeded to blank on about half of it. And then I padded my entry out with made-up vocabulary. Anyhow, here's what I really wanted to mention:

So, our friends JJ and Piper were in New Zealand recently. In fact, they were here so recently, that they flew out of the Auckland airport just a couple hours before we flew in. Before that, we had exchanged emails with them in order to get some advice on the "do"s and "don't"s of New Zealand. At the end of their last email, they told us rather cryptically to "we will leave you a little something something at the iSite in the international terminal in auckland. check behind the "City Life Hotel" pamphlets in the Auckland hotels section."

iSites are New Zealand's super-useful tourist offices that are scattered in most heavily touristed areas.

So, when we arrived at the airport Sarah and I made our way quickly through customs and to the airport's iSite. After a short seach, we found a note jammed behind the City Life Hotels brochures telling us to go and the Auckland City Life hotel and ask the concierge for a package from JJ and Piper.

Then, after we arrived in downtown Auckland, we were pleased to find the City Life Hotel just around the corner from our hostel. And, at the concierge's desk, we received a pack filled with Cliff bars, sun screen (very useful, since we had just run out in Tahiti), a map of New Zealand, some antibiotic cream and a list of "JJ and Piper's Top Ten Things to Do in New Zealand." So, thanks to JJ and Piper for the gift pack and advice. And, thanks for giving us and entertaining and welcoming start to New Zealand!

Between that, and the confusing signs on the Coast to Coast Walk, Auckland was a regular scavenger hunt!

I can't imagine how Sarah or I could have gotten lost while on the Coast to Coast Hike.

Finally, even though Sarah is going to get you all caught up on the last day or two, I thought I'd mention that now that we've gotten away from the city, I've found that I really, really enjoy talking to New Zealander's. Their easy going approach and friendly conversation style have made even the most mundane interactions enjoyable. Earlier today, Sarah and I were getting on teh bus, and after talking to the bus driver, I found myself thinking "it was really enjoyable talking to the bus driver."

I'd probably even enjoy going to the Department of Motor Vehicles here (or, at least, the NZ equivlant).

As most of you know, New Zealand is known for its X-Treme™ sports. So, here's a picture of probably the closest Sarah or I will come to bungee jumping, etc.


Rick said...

I thought Zip lines were higher off the ground...and the comment about their DMV I think you guys are loosing it...in a good way!

Sarah said...

Yeah, Tyler didn't mention that our zipline experience was actually part of a children's play area. Guess the Kiwis want to start the adventuring spirit early on!!