Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Complete Photos: Easter Island

We were only in Easter Island for about three days, but managed to take over 100 photos there. So, as you might guess, we really like it. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, and provided us with some wonderful photo opportunities.

RTW: Easter Island


Tim said...

Hi Tyler,
Even more great pictures!
I thought this picture was especially interesting. You can clearly see the details of the moai statues' ... ahem ... backsides, and it is funny to see they used a moai head to build the support structure!

And I was also pleased to see that there is indeed a picture of you with
The Feroza
to complete the set (a la
The Enterprise
, Jazz, and Chico)

The General said...

Yeah, the Easter Island pictures are some of our favorites. We thought the Moai backsides were pretty entertaining, so we made sure to get a couple of pictures of them. In addition, just the carving work on some of them was pretty impressive, like in , where you can see his earrings and other face details.

And yup, the Feroza got its picture too!