Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Complete Photos: Tasmania

After nearly a month in New Zealand, we were off to Tasmania for 10 days. With our little rented car, tons of natural beauty and more wine, Tasmania seemed like a natural sequel to New Zealand. And, it gave us a few more days of comparatively normal life before plunging into Southeast Asia.

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Tim said...

Do kangaroos make much noise and what do they sound like?

On a similar note ;) since you saw quite a variety of animals, esp. Tasmania and Africa, were there any other animals with interesting noises or behaviors?

The General said...

I don't really remember the kangeroos making any noise... but then again, they were pretty busy eating the whole time.

Sarah might remember better than me, but off the top of my head, some of the most interesting behavior involved the different ways that animals went the bathroom. Rhinos, for example, mark their territory by always going in the same place. And dig large, deep middens to do so. Frankly, on safari, you spend a lot of time looking at animal droppings.

Also, there is a fruit that elephants eat. but, they only eat it after its over-ripe and starting to ferment. And then get drunk off it.