Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe baby?

Over the last couple of days, we've begun getting phone calls from friends and family. And, while some people were calling to wish us luck over the next couple of days and weeks, a few of been calling just to make sure we hadn't had the baby yet, and not told them. And, while I'm sure there are a number of reasons people suspect that... I think that the fact that I haven't bothered posting here since October 26th is probably one of the major reasons.

But, even though Sarah and I are both eagerly awaiting its arrival, the tummy monkey is still safe and sound inside Sarah. But, who knows how long that will last? ...though our butcher said he thinks she will have it on the 22nd, and claims "I tend to be pretty good predicting things like that." So, there ya go.

Anyhow, let's check in on Sarah!

Sarah at Week 37!

Sarah at Week 38!

Sarah at Week 39! (With a cameo by me and my dad.)

Now, looking at these photos, you might notice something: Sarah's rapidly running out of clothes that fit her. Now, not to worry, I promise she has more than one outfit left that fits, but not many! One of the many reasons Sarah is excited to have the baby soon.

So, what have we been up to? Well, in the days after the last entry, Sarah and I attended a couple of costume parties for Halloween. First up was a party on Halloween night at our friends Ambika and Ben's apartment. In addition to possibly seeing a lot of our friends for the last time pre-baby, this party was notable because, as Sarah put it, "it was difficult to talk to half the people because their costumes were so creepy." We had the backwoods hick, the skeevy club dude, Dog the Bounty Hunter and a number of subtly disturbing outfits that we horrifying in a non-traditional manner.

Our costumes at the party. Sarah was a Magic 8-Ball, and I was a Costume Cop, with tickets to write up people with offending (or offensive) costumes.

The next evening it was another Halloween party or, more specifically, a Day of the Dead party. Our friends, Austin and Patty, were married on Halloween several years ago, and since then have celebrated with a big Halloween blow-out each year. Each year is a different them and this year it was the Mexican Day of the Dead.

The Hosts with the mosts! (Or should that be ghosts?)

Our friends Jason and Diana dress up as Baron Samedi and a gypsy fortune teller

Halloween Party? Or Richard Simmons and a leprechaun grabbing a drink at an undead canteen south of the border? You make the call!

All our Halloween Party photos.

Speaking of scary: Our basement flooded last week. About a month and a half ago, we had the water line in our front yard replaced. But, when they drilled the new water line into the foundation, they didn't cap off the old one. So, when the November rains (not just a Guns and Roses song) hit, ground water seeped into the old broken pipe, and began draining through it and into our basement. Luckily, the plumbers came out for free and repaired it. And, even more luckily, we convinced them to pay to have a cleaning crew come out and dry our wet carpets.

(As a side note: It's nice that I have a deep voice, and that the manager on duty at the plumber company couldn't tell over the phone that I am a 145 lbs, pacifist, art-major type... or else, it might have been harder to convince them they should send out the clean up crew.)

Anyhow, we ended up spending a week with giant blow dryers and dehumidifiers in our basement... a fact that kept the kitties living in terror of the basement for several days.

Beyond that, for Sarah and I, its mainly been a manner of finishing up at work, and now getting our "ducks in a row" for the baby's arrival. The baby room is coming along nicely, and if the baby can hold out for another day or two, we should be as ready as we'll ever be.

Here's a couple of quick pics of the baby room:

The crib and dresser.

The glider which one of Sarah's coworkers gave us and the bookshelf with some books, stuffed animals and the new lamp on it.

OK folks! This is it! Next time I post here, it will probably be to announce the birth of our baby! It's been a long and crazy ride so far, but I have a suspicion it's only going to get craziner over the next couple of days. We're very excited, but wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck you guys. It's been funn reading up on your lives. The whole rain in the basement thing reminds me of Larry's room in Redmond. Do you remember Larry's mushrooms he had growing in the carpet of his room. Have fun with the new little and good luck with the delivery.
-tina(larry's sister)

coolgirlsar said...

The nursery looks beautiful. Have you been told to expect a big baby as those photos of Sarah that looks like a big bump, hopefully for her sake it isn't too big. As for the phonecalls just wait until you get the annoying daily phonecalls from the same person, you'll end up wanting to throttle them.