Saturday, March 7, 2009

103 Days

Well, we sort of blew it. Tyler wanted to mark Stella's 100th day by taking her out and having her feet actually touch the earth (something that hasn't happened in her life yet--remarkable until you think about how cold it's been since her birth). But between having book club that night and the exhaustion that hits me by midweek of working, we forgot all about it until her 103rd day or so, and that just didn't have the same ring to it.

But there have been other exciting developments. She's definitely grabbing onto things, like some of her animals and rattles, and now quickly moves them directly to her mouth. Stella's also getting more mobile and interested in the world, so she's often less interested in hanging out in her basket where she can't see too much. I found one of these baby seat things at a used baby store, and we amuse ourselves by setting Stella in it every once in awhile.

There's something cute and ridiculous about setting her up in this little seat. With her big diapers, I wonder how long she'll actually be able to use this....

Stella's also gotten really vocal and seems to like the sound of her own voice. It started earlier this week when she was laying in her bed going to sleep, just oohing and aahing until we turned the lights out. Now she seems to like to talk to Jacques the Peacock while on her activity mat.

Conversations with Jacques. We're still trying to learn the ins and outs of this language system

Unfortunately for me, Stella's changing her reasonable night schedule for one that's less fun and includes a 4AM squirm/whimper/wake up session.

Napping Stella--she looks big in her basket these days, but still pretty tiny in a real bed

We've had a fun past few days, with lots of smiles and fun times hanging out. Unfortunately, I didn't think about possible cabbage connections when I made a curry for lunch with some baby bok choy and got a reminder about how un-fun gassy, unhappy Stella can be. At least we know this will past, and I'll add another thing to the "do not eat" list.....

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