Friday, April 3, 2009

The PJ Hat

The other night after bath time, Tyler started singing Stella a silly song about her pajamas on his head ("The PJ Hat...and that is that," repeat ad nauseum). We were amused because it was cracking Stella up:

Laughing Stella

But that day was't the end of it. I can sing the song and make her laugh. In fact, it seems to only take the phrase "PJ Hat" to make her giggle. Who knew?

It hasn't all been fun and giggles since my last post. In fact, if I'd been writing this a week ago, you would have heard the Sarah of two months ago, lacking sleep and wondering why everyone else seemed to be having so much more fun at this parenting thing than me. I've always known that a hungry Sarah is an unhappy Sarah, but a few days of sleep deprivation is almost worse. We don't know if it was her 4-month shots, a growth spurt, a cold or just an unfortunate phase, but she went back to waking up 3-4 times a night, one night waking up on the hour nearly every hour. Fortunately for my health and sanity, she's back to the more reasonable schedule of waking up once between 12 and 2 and between 5 and 6.

Otherwise, things are much the same. She continues rolling like a grounded whirling dervish--she can even roll to her right and her left these days. (We're still waiting for the full 360 when she'll go from her stomach to her back.) Somewhat unfortunately for us, she's been in a phase of getting easily overwhelmed when we're out or with friends, which has meant a lot less fun experiences at a few parties and get togethers. She went from being a really social baby to crying whenever anyone looked at her the other day. But since then we've had a couple better moments at restaurants and with smaller groups, so we'll just assume her ability to handle more stimulation will catch up with her ability to take in so much more of the world.

A few other recent photos....

Like her daddy, she likes some hats!

Yippy-ki-ay! Oddly, the size of this hat is 0-3 months, but it just now fits...though the outfit it went with is a thing of the past

Babies always look cuter in things with animal ears on them.

A side effect of the rolling obsession: Stella's spending much of her time this way these days

I couldn't resist this cute smile-y photo

Is it just me, or is there a bit of a lack of mom/baby photos???

I've also decided that someday this blog will get turned into some kind of baby book for Stella, so I'll be trying to add in a few things that might be of interest later:

Favorites: The Royal Duke of York (fun for baby, good/hard for our arms!), her Easter bunny from Great-Grandma Geri, still likes Stretch the Giraffe
Hates: the sound of the vacuum cleaner


Jody Eddy said...

A beautiful post, Sarah. Thanks so much for sharing.

Alison said...

OMG - Stella's giggling is so darn precious! She is adorable!!