Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Raspberries, Sunshine, Easter and More

So last week we got to start the post with us cracking Stella up. We thought we'd mix things up this week and start with how Stella's cracking us up.

Apparently today Tyler came into her room after Stella woke up from her nap to find this:

Stella clowning around with her Soothie

And Stella's decided to imitate the noise I make giving her raspberries on her belly:

Stella's new noise--she was cracking me up!

Remember the post about missing Stella's 100th day and our intention to have her feet touch the earth? Well, last week the weather was beautiful and our PEPS group decided to meet at a local park and we had the chance to get Stella out into some grass. It was fun and is making us really eager for summer!

Stella's little feet touch the earth for the first time!

Stella and me at the park. (As you may notice in this post, Tyler took my previous comment about not having mom/baby pictures seriously)

We also had a chance to dress her up for Easter. Unfortunately, unlike the week before we did not have beautiful outdoor weather (it was pouring rain), so her Easter dress knit by Nana was accessorized with a sweater and baby legs.

Stella in her Easter dress

Another view of the dress...and Stella's gi-normous diaper

Stella and her bunny pals

Stella's still rolling like crazy, and she's starting to make some more promising moves that could mean rolling from her tummy to her back, scrunching up her butt and hiking her knee closer to her body. She's also hanging out on her tummy for longer, though we still have plenty of "roll over" duty.

Getting closer to the full 360...

The other fun thing lately is doing a little pre-bedtime reading. For awhile I was a little disappointed that Stella wasn't interested in sitting in my lap to read books yet. But I've found that if I lay on the floor with her, she seems at least moderately interested (or will tolerate) the whole book reading experience. Mostly I still have to keep the book out of arm's reach so she doesn't immediately shove it into her mouth.

Now if I can just get her to start waking up fewer than three times a night......

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