Monday, May 25, 2009

The Stella Rose of Texas....

Part of my birthday present to myself this year was to take a family trip to Texas so Stella could see her grandparents and meet some of her great-grandparents before too much time had passed. Both of my parents were able to come and visit shortly aftrer her birth, but with the speed things change at this age (see post below), waiting almost a year seemed too long.

Plus we were curious to see how Stella would travel. Frankly, I wasn't particularly optimistic. As many of you know, Stella's quite the kinesthetic girl, moving, jumping, looking around, not the type to just sit back and relax for a 3+ hour flight. But I figured we could handle anything for only a few hours (and withstand the ugly looks from our fellow passengers) if need be.

Surprise, surprise, Stella flew like a natural! The first flight went great, but we also had good conditions--early flight during a typical napping time and an available seat to put her car seat into. We arrived at DFW, all in good spirits--what a relief!

Stella, preparing for takeoff!

Or...maybe for a nap. We weren't complaining!

Arriving at DFW to see Grandpa Bob. Thank goodness the big stranger anxiety phase passed before our trip!

We spent the first few days with my dad and stepmom. Stella got lots of fun playtime, talking a walk to meet the neighbors, going out for delicious Tex-Mex (and grabbing a handful of my guacamole!), and meeting my dad's parents--her great-grandparents--and a great-uncle for the first time.

Practicing standing with Grandma Dixie

Floor time with Grandpa

Dinner with Great-Grandparents Stachowiak and some of the Stachowiak men: Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, and Great-Uncle David

Hi, Great-Grandpa!

Playing with Great-Grandma Jean

Next it was on to my mom and stepdad's house for a few days--more play time, some pool time and even a trip to a museum.

Playing with the bunny

Stella and Grandpapa

Playing in the hippo pool in the warm Texas spring!

Stella's first museum, the Amon Carter in Forth Worth. She liked to make noises in the cavernous spaces and her the sound of her own voice echoing about

With Mom and Nana at the Museum

I think she had a good time overall!

All too soon, it was back to the airport to fly back home. We thought that trip had all the hallmarks of a fussy baby--evening flight, having to be a "babe in arms" for the whole flight--but, again, she did fantastically. As a bonus, we had a clear evening and seats on the right side of the plane to get gorgeous views of the mountains on the way into SeaTac.

Home, sweet home--I just wish family was a little closer....

Stella's a lucky girl to have so much family that loves her so much! Now we just need to get her to the Midwest to meet her other great-grandma and many great-aunts, great-uncles, and second counsins. And since she seems to have possibly inherited some of our love of travel, hopefully that can be sooner rather than later!

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