Saturday, May 2, 2009

She may not roll, but she can move!

Stella may not have figured out how to maneuver from her tummy to her back, but she can certainly move herself around when she wants to. I've seen her do it on the floor, twisting her body around to reach another toy or crane to see the cats. But this seemed especially dramatic when I left her in her crib for a few minutes and came back to find her on the opposite side, facing the other direction!

Hello, sunshine!

How did you get down there?

I found a friend!

I love that it was warm enough the day before this to keep the house comfy all night long--hence the nearly naked baby. That will be a bonus when summer comes--lots more nearly-naked Stella time!

A few other recent observations:

Remember the cute raspberry noises she started making? Well, now she does it when she's upset, so it's "cry, cry, cry, raspberry, cry, raspberry." Unfortunately for her, it's mostly just a little pathetic and funny.

She's also gotten totally fascinated by the cats. So far, they're the only thing we've seen her laugh at that wasn't one of us trying to make her laugh. When she sees them, sometimes she'll just start giggling with delight. It's pretty cute, though generally the cats keep a pretty wide berth.

And Stella's also gotten video obsessed, like her friend Ella from our childbirth class. We used to be able to pop in a DVD at night and start watching it while she ate and fell asleep. Those days are long gone. If she's hears anything coming out of the computer, she gets distracted from the task at hand (eating) and cranes her head around to stare at it. It's amazing/scary what a draw it has on her at this young age.

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Emily said...

She's so cute, can't wait to see her again (and you guys) soon!