Friday, June 19, 2009

Scoot, scoot!

Stella's not officially crawling yet, but with the right motivation, she can certainly get some forward momentum!

The other latest is that she loves sitting in her high chair (thanks, Grandma Geri and all the aunts and uncles who helped us get this!). The idea is that the chair grows with Stella and means she eats at the table with us. I was worried she was still a little small for it, but she's doing fine!

Stella in the Stokke

While she likes her new chair, she's less sure about the whole solid food thing. So far, we've tried avocado, sweet potato and peas. She's getting more entertained by the process, but I still don't think she's gotten much down yet. Applesauce and carrots are next. We'll see....

Stella is smiling for the camera, not for the peas!

In a few weeks, we'll be able to return to our blog's start as a travel blog. We just booked tickets for a week in Hawaii. Beaches, hiking, relaxation, here we come!

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