Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tyler's 1st Father's Day

Tyler had a multi-part Father's Day Celebration. It started on Thursday, when he got his gift from me and Stella. We could have waited, but I was too excited and we opened it as soon as I brought it home.

Tyler and his new messenger bag. The people at Earnest Alexander were great, wrapping it and included a hand-written note, even.

On Saturday, we held our second annual barbecue. Last year, it was a housewarming; this year it was Burgers, Beer and Babies. And lots of burgers:

We bought Stella's weight in ground beef!

And fed a lot of people. Thanks to all who made it a great day!

And today we celebrated with Tyler's dad (his first as a grandfather), had calls with my dad and stepdad, and I made Tyler a special Turkish dinner--manti, a lamb ravioli/dumpling served with yogurt sauce and hot chili oil.

Tyler's dinner. The downside of a celebratory dinner versus breakfast? The girl slept through the whole thing.

Homemade manti

I'm not sure why Turkey keeps popping up in our Mother's Day/Father's Day celebration, but it seems fitting. We were about a month away from coming home from our travels and were really serious about starting a family upon our return.

And here we are, nearly seven months into it. Tyler is an amazing dad. He's fun, loving, creative, light-hearted and involved. He's really an integral part of Stella's life. I can't imagine a better partner in this parenting adventure.

Like father, like daughter!

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