Friday, October 8, 2010

That's what she said...

Back in March, I wrote a post talking about the various words and sign language signs that Stella had been using. In that entry, I made it sound like, within the next 24 hours, Stella would be busting loose with a (to quote myself) "veritable tidal wave of verbiage." Well, it turns out that things have been a little slower going than that. But, after several months dominated primarily by grunting and rapidly deteriorating sign language skills, it feels like in these past couple of weeks Stella's finally rounded a corner and not a day seems to pass where she isn't introducing a new word. Partially, I think that some of the credit should be given to her Day Care. Without being to rely on me and Sarah trying to decipher fits and screams, she's been forced to explore the world of verbal communication. But, partially, I think she was just finally ready to start talking.

So, let's take a look at some of the things she says:

"Yeah" and "Mo" - In the entry Sarah posted recently, you got to watch her uber-cute way of saying "yeeeaaahhh," which has replaced her jaw-chomping nod. But, she also says "no" too. Or, more accurately, "mo" ...which was a bit confusing since its also how she says "more."

"Mama," "Papa," "Bumpa" and "Nana" - Much to the various Grandmas joy and relief, Stella has finally started saying "Nana" in addition to the other three.

"Oocy" and "Meme" - For her friend, Lucy, and her second cousin, Mia. "Meme" is also, incidentally her word for "Kitty" these days, which is a little odd, since her first word was "kitty." I also think she knows some of the names of the kids at her Day Care.

"Keekee" - Her blanket... or her pacifier ...or "drink" depending on the circumstance.

"Hi" - Used for both "hi" and "bye." Though I think the occasional "bye" sneaks in there too.

"Tank you" - One of her cutest things she says, partially because she will often thank us for stuff without a prompting. Give her something she wants and she just respond with a quick "tank you." Very polite.

"Anana" and "cacka" - For banana and cracker. These ones are mixed blessing because usually she's screaming, crying and begging for one of them... and quite often we don't even have any bananas or crackers to give her.

"Buboh" and "Baboon" - "Bubble" (usually accompanied by the sign language sign for "bubble") and "balloon." She loves both of these things, and is happy to point out one out, whenever she sees one.

"Memo" - I discovered this one just today, when she started begging to watch her "Elmo" DVD.

"I wah..." "Wo...?" and "Igahit!" - The first two are usually used with another word above to say "I want (a banana, for example)" or "Where is (the blanket)?" The last one, "I got it," is her cute little exclamation whenever she, for examples, manages to hook some food on her fork, or some similar accomplishment.

Animal Noises - She doesn't call many animals by name, and still uses their noise to identify them. So, we have dogs ("bwu-bwu"), cats ("me-me"), birds ("caw-caw"), pigs (snorting through her nose), and various lions, tigers and bears ("raaah!" ...almost always accompanied by a charging, arms-raised run). Plus, cars ("bwoom-bwoom").

"Eish" - Since fish don't make noises, they get to be called by their name, usually while also making the sign language sign for "fish."

"Gee" or "Gish" - Sort of multi-purpose sounds, usually made while pointing something out. Probably equivalent to "see" and "this."

EDIT to add:
"Ut-oh" - Self explanatory. Whenever something gets dropped, its a big "ut-oh!"

"Ow" - Not "ouch," but "owl." In particular, here little miniture owl blanket/stuffed animal friend, that has become a constant companion.

"Wo go?" - "Where did it go?" Whenever she's looking for something, or someone leaves, we get a "wo go?" Along with questioning upturned palms.

Anyhow, that's a small sampling of some of the words Stella's been using. Hopefully, Sarah will have a chance to do a follow up entry, and maybe add to this list. I'm sure there are more, and words that I'm forgetting. But, at least this is a small sampling of what you might hear around our house these days.

And now, and obligatory Stella picture...


Emily said...

Thanks for throwing in a picture - she's so cute sitting in her tub!

ambika said...

'Wo' is German for 'where' so you can call her multilingual.