Friday, January 21, 2011

"Book!" Click! "Mommy!" Click! "Red!" Click!

It's been a long time since I posted here. So long, in fact, my little "Stella Reporting" header graphic barely even looks like me any more. But, I figured it was worth doing an entry so that I could make a big announcement:

I am a photographer.

After much pleading, I finally managed to convince mommy and daddy to let me use their camera. Daddy insisted on trying to explain the "proper" way to hold it and showed me where the button was that caused the camera to click and (sometimes) the light to flash. But, after these brief instructions, it was time to show the world my unique photographic vision. A couple of quick notes on how to take a proper picture:

1) It's important to announce the name of the subject, as you take its picture. This lets the subject know you are photographing them. For example if you want to take a picture of the giant stuff elephant in the living room, shout "elfant" first.

2) Place at least one finger over the lens. I'm not sure why this is important, but it is. Trust me.

3) Aim the camera slightly above or below the subject. This makes the photo more artistic.

Now, on to my photos...

A self-portrait.

My baby, Claudette.

Can you spot the elephant? Where'd it go?


Mommy. Mommy is a great subject for my photos.

Daddy. Meh.

Mommy and daddy.

My feet.

A plate for pie. I discovered that putting the camera on a flat surface and pressing the button works well.

Mommy again.

Me and my soothie... plus daddy photo-bombing me

"Melmo" and a doll that my friends, Liam and Meerim, brought me from East Timor, laying on the rug that my parents say I can't have juice on.

Books and mommy.

...Well, that's just a small sample of the 160 or so photos I've taken. Daddy promises he'll upload a bunch of them to Flickr, but we'll see how that goes. After all, he did end his last post by saying "more soon" and that was, what, over a month ago.

Speaking of which, a lot has happened in the last month or so. Daddy turned 35, and must be having some sort of mid-life crisis early, because he got a new tattoo. He says it is me, but it looks like a flower and a star... go figure. We also had a lot of fun during Christmas. First with family up here, and then we went down to Texas to see some more family, but maybe I'll see if mommy wants to post about that.

Oh, and one other piece of news, I guess. Mommy and daddy keep trying to tell me there's a baby in mommy's belly.

I have no idea what that's all about.


Emily said...

Stella! You are so talented, love your artistic photos! And congratulations on becoming a big sister soon, that's very exciting news! xoox

charitybreidenbach said...

Stella I love your rules for taking pictures! They made me laugh, but don't worry I'm taking you seriously. :) And like Emily said, congratulations on becoming a big sister! Roman's going to be a big brother right after you and he's not sure what it's all about either, but you'll be an expert by then so you can fill him in. Love, Charity

Steve Basye said...

Stella your figure over the lens trick just added a new dimension to photography.

Steve Basye said...

Opps! make that finger over the lens.