Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two-Years-Old/Baby Number Two

It's been too long since I posted. That's mostly because right before Stella's second birthday, I went from being "happy-go-lucky" pregnant to "24-hours-a-day nauseous and exhausted" pregnant. For 8 weeks. But more on that later.

Stella's two. And until about a week ago, I was regularly telling people how awesome I thought two was. Sure, we had moments, but on the whole, it's been pretty great. High points: unsolicited "I love you"s, singing (particularly "itsy, bitsy spider"), "reading" books like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" from memory, and generally being engaged, talkative, curious and fun.

Stella in her butterfly pants and with her first ponytail. She was quite pleased with herself!

Well, a week ago, Stella decided to embrace two in a new way. And it's still not terrible, but I have a feeling we're getting a taste of the next year....or so. Now when she sits down for dinner, she immediately says, "I don't like it!" and pushes her plate away. The response to nearly any suggestion is "no", and today she pulled a teenage move by getting offended by Tyler for some mysterious reason (have I mentioned she can have a flair for the dramatic and sensitive?), ran to her room, and shut the door hard. I thought we wouldn't get that for at least 10 more years! There's also the bedtime procrastination, the fight to put on her coat *every* morning, you get the idea. I know this is an important stage, and she's just asserting herself, but living with a constant contrarian can be taxing.

But overall I'm feeling much less taxed lately. Baby number 2 is doing her/his thing, but I'm back to having energy and generally feeling good. Nineteen weeks tomorrow--nearly halfway! The due date is July 14th, and I'm pretty excited about having a summer baby: sunlight, long days, lots less worry about keeping the baby warm. Poor baby could stand to have a better nickname, but it doesn't mean any less actual excitement. It's interesting being pregnant again. I'm more impatient to get the show on the road, but also more aware that there really is a baby we just don't know yet who's in the process of developing. Stella doesn't seem quite sure what to make of it yet. Sometimes she knows the baby is in my belly (one morning she was insisting it was a girl), and other times she says the baby is in her tummy or that *she's* the baby. This will be an adjustment. Ultrasound is in two weeks--so we'll have pics to post soon! And it's probably nearly time to start with the belly pics--I'm actually still not showing much, but it's not far off....


Stacia said...

So excited for #2! And as for the two's, we're in the same boat with Cleo. Everything begins with "Cleo do it!" shouted in an irritated tone. At least we know it's normal, and it will pass. Or so I keep telling myself.

Emily said...

Wow, I can't believe you're half way already! I love your little drama queen, before you know it, she'll have "keep out" signs on her door. It's a good thing all the sweetness balances out the taxing times! xoxo