Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Right now, I'm listening to Tyler and Stella playing and laughing outside. Which, if Tyler feels at all like I do on Mother's Day, is probably a blessing ("I'm being a good dad") and a little something else too ("I should get a break for being a good dad every other day of the year"--even more fair since I'm mostly sitting inside getting some work done).

Tyler, as most of you who read this likely know as well as I do, is an amazing dad. And sometimes it's a little thankless for him these days, with a daughter who can be seriously mommy-centric.

This photo from our camping trip exemplifies a lot of what Tyler adds to Stella's life--a lot of fun, laughter and love. I'd love to write more about how wonderful Tyler is and how excited I am to expand this parenting adventure with him this year, but it would probably be better for me to get off the computer and join the fun outdoors!

Happy Father's Day, Tyler!!


Charity said...

Such a great picture, and yes, Tyler is an awesome father! Happy Father's Day Tyler!!

Emily said...

Happy Father's Day Ty! It's so much fun seeing so many of our friends be such awesome dads!