Friday, June 17, 2011

Probably July 11th

This week I started the 9th month of this pregnancy:

36 weeks!

We also got some news--the c-section has been scheduled for 11AM on July 11th. 7/11/11. Of course, this birthdate is likely but still not totally certain. I could go into labor before then (though I hope not). They'll check the location of the placenta the week prior, and it could have moved and they'll cancel the c-section and then I'll just wait until I go into labor (unlikely, but mathematically possible). But probably this baby will make an appearance mid-day in a little over three weeks!

We have plenty to keep us busy in that time. Three weeks just doesn't sound very long!!


Charity said...

Sarah, I'm sure it's so exciting and disappointing all at the same time, but we're all excited and ready to meet your little one on the 11th! And no, 3 weeks doesn't really sound like very long at all does it!! We're so excited for you and just remember to rest and take it easy!

Emily said...

I'm so excited ~ I can't believe round two of babies is starting! Can't wait to meet Stella's little sister or brother soon after the 11th!