Sunday, January 15, 2012

(Nearly) Six Months

Dearest Otto--

If something were to happen to us and you were left with the evidence of this blog and our photos to determine our love and interest in you, you might feel--in comparison to Stella's first half year--that something was lacking. And, to be fair, there are fewer videos, fewer photos, and fewer blog posts. But that wouldn't really be the truth. While we are busier and more distracted and (perhaps) more tired, we really couldn't love you more. I am equally fascinated with all your stages and new developments. I bask in your smiles. I treasure the moments I get to spend with you and get to really focus on you. I think you're a really fascinating human being.

And you look pretty cute in hats, like your dad!

Case in point, number 2

You've nearly already/only been with us six months. In some ways, it's hard to remember life without you. In others, it's been a blink of an eye since we brought you home and began life as a family of four. In that time, which is practically inconsequential to me as an adult, you've nearly doubled your weight, grown about 4 inches, started smiling, rolling, grasping things, babbling, laughing, and very nearly sitting up reliably. You love to bounce and, I swear, already wish you could stand up and follow your sister around the house.

Not to be left to your own devices for long, but you're starting to be a sitter!

Otto and Stella! We haven't been as good about taking videos and even less good about posting, so here's a livelier view for our friends and family who don't get to see the kids as much in person.

And you're about to start getting to eat food! This feels slightly bittersweet. On the one hand, I can't wait to introduce you to new things--avocado! Sweet potato! Fruits and vegetables, new tastes and textures! You'll finally be able to partake in one of my favorite things and something that really binds us together as a family. At the same time, I feel so blessed to have nourished you up to this point. Until you take that first bite of food, everything that's gotten you to where you are today has come from me. (Well, your father might take slight exception to that, but he knows what I mean!) Sure, sometimes breastfeeding has been taxing and meant I've had to pretty exclusively shoulder a major part of your life, but it also means we've had so much time together. And it's a pretty amazing thing women get to do, and I'm happy this worked out for you and I.

Sitting at the table!

And now you're at school--your first week under your belt. You're a social little guy, so I think being with new kids and adults is a good thing for you. A change for sure, but also a chance to experience new things and have an even broader circle of people who care for and love you. Like your sister, I have a feeling that you're going to thrive in the Montessori setting, where you'll get to be independent and self-driven in ways that are sometimes hard to replicate at home.

Hopefully you're this smiley at school, too!

And, finally, sleep. This is the one area where you've had to get with the program a little more quickly than your sister. I just couldn't keep waking up two, four, six times a night and be a good mom or functioning consultant. So you've cried it out. With the crib in the living room. (One day the remodel will be done and you'll have a proper bedroom!) The first night you cried three times and for some decent stretches. By the fourth night, you did it--sleeping through the night from about 8PM until 5AM--wow! Of course, then you got sick and backslid, but the last two nights you've done it again, so we're hoping for more sleepy nights than not going forward.

Otto, the elephant wrangler! Can't wait to take you places where you could conceivably ride an elephant--Vietnam, India, Thailand....

So know, Otto, you are beloved by your parents. And your sister (who you think is pretty much the coolest thing on the planet). And the rest of your extended family. And probably even many of the readers of this blog.

Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

Something tells me Tyler is having a lot of fun with the King of the Ottoman Empire!

Aunt M & Uncle R

Emily said...

Beautiful letter to Otto and great video - the awesome sound of laughing kids would put anyone in a good mood! I'll look forward to reading more food posts and hearing about what he likes to eat!