Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 13th

I just spent almost two hours going through my work inbox. Rather than accomplishing much, it mostly reminded me of another dozen things I need to do that I'd almost forgotten about. Otto is managing to still wake up 3+ times a night and decide that 5AM is the right time to start the day. Our remodel is *still* underway. We're paying for two kids in child care. To say this is not the easiest time of life would be an understatement.

On the plus side, I get to do it all with Tyler. I know, it's a cliche. It's near Valentine's Day, and I'm blogging about loving my husband. But, whatever. I do.

And with all the other craziness going on, I'm excited that tomorrow night we get to get dressed up, get a sitter, and sit across a table from one another and have uninterrupted conversation. No answering "how many bites, mommy?" No picking up Otto's spoon and bowl off the floor uncountable times. We just get to sit and enjoy each other's company. Yes, you read that right. Tomorrow the 13th, not the 14th.

Our February 13th date started in 2005, our second Valentine's together. I had a work trip to Alaska and left on Valentine's Day, so we went out the night before. Looking around us at the quiet restaurant, we realized it was great--everyone else was home waiting until the 14th. Once we got married, it elegantly also became our half-year anniversary, meaning we could celebrate it with a sense of personal meaning rather than feel we were totally catering to a somewhat manufactured holiday. It even was our first date night away from Stella after she was born, as a tradition to good to pass by even as new parents.

These days, these moments together are too far and few between and all the more necessary and precious. It's too easy to be distracted, get disconnected, go days without having substantive conversation that's not about managing our house/kids/life. And as I'm so easily reminded when we do get those times away from each other, I love Tyler's company. I know him deeply, yet he still regularly impresses me with his generous spirit. He's patiently dealing with too often being too far down my immediate list of priorities because, as an adult, he can tolerate some wait. He's too often the give point, and these date nights--our February 13th nights--are just a small way to try and rectify that and make up for the lost moments we can't always steal in the course of the day.

So tomorrow we'll get a bit of time with each other, a good drink, and hopefully fantastic food. That's going to do a lot to give us the strength and the partnership to make the upcoming weeks, which don't necessarily promise to be any easier than the last, that much more bearable.

As always, I love you Tyler. Happy half-year anniversary!

Yes, we're younger and better-rested in this photo than we truly are these days, but it's a favorite. And we hardly get photos together these days....


Emily Adamson said...

I love your Feb 13th tradition! This year Curtis will be traveling for work on the 14th, so I guess we’ll need to embrace it as well! Glad you guys are finding the time for a few date nights here and there. Beautiful post and have a GREAT time tonight!

Anonymous said...


Aunt M and Uncle R