Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hoi An at Night

Normally, Tyler and I leave the camera home at night. We figure we don't need to encourage any pickpocketing or other nefarious activities, and then we can just relax and enjoy our evening. On our second-to-last night in Hoi An, though, I fell in love with the look of the old town at night--lots of glowing lanterns, and the green and yellow colors had a really vintage feel. So we brought out the camer and experiemented. Here are a few favorites. (You'll also probably understand why we decided to buy and ship home a few lanterns for a future backyard!)

Sunset and lanterns

Restaurants reflecting in the river

Buildings on the other side of the river

Street they sell lots of lanterns on

Cafe across from the patisserie where we grabbed some dessert. We loved the colors, though the red of the waitresses dresses doesn't show as well as I'd hoped

PS Thanks to Tyler's friend and co-worker Brian and his wife Kim who gave us a little travel tripod as a going away present. Couldn't take night shots without it!


ambika said...

I told Ben about the personalized clothes and racks of fabric (though he does tend to glaze over a tiny bit when the words 'sew,' 'fabric,' 'craft,' 'blog,' 'kitty,' or 'jewelry' come up) in Hoi An. Maybe these pics will help convince him that we need to make it to Vietnam one of these days.

Sarah said...

I imagine with your Holga and Ben's great eyes that you'd come back with amazing photos!

The General said...

Ben's eyes are pretty aren't they.

...oh, wait, that's not what she meant.

Um, neverind.