Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photographs for the Future

Sometimes I can be a neglectful photographer of Stella's day-to-day life. (Christmas could serve as a case in point.) I often remember to bring a camera to outings and get togethers, but then it's easy to get caught up in catching up, keeping up with Stella, and--before you know it--we're on our way home and I'm saying, "Shoot! I never even pulled out the camera!"

But yesterday Stella and I had a playdate at the aquarium with Lucy and Christine, Porter and Piper, and Roman and Charity, and I actually managed to take a few photos.

Playdate moms and babes: Christine & Lucy, me & Stella, Piper & Porter, and Charity & Roman

Having some lunch in the cafe

Stella checking out Lucy--so cute to finally see them interacting a bit!

Lunch continues with pureed food for Porter, and Roman relaxes in post-milk bliss

It's not so much this was a particularly momentous playdate (though it was a lot of fun) or that these are fantastic photographs. Rather, I love the idea that someday, when the age differences between these guys is negligable, and we parents have gotten older, that we will all be able to look back at these and remember this time of our life, that the kids (who, of course, will still be friends) can bemuse themselves with the images of their younger selves, and be amazed that they've known each other for their whole lives. Sort of like this photo of Tyler from his boyhood, on a hike with his dad and brother, and his dad's college friend, and his sons who are still friends to this day.


Emily said...

What great pictures! And yes, the kids are so lucky to already have a close knit group that’s going to turn into life-long friendships!

Karinna Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and updates. I love seeing all the beautiful new faces.