Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

(The title is, of course, a reference to what is still probably the most awesome Christmas video ever.)

I'm not exactly sure what happened to this blog entry.

As 2009 wrapped up, both Sarah and I had fully intended to do entries talking about the various family Christmas festivities we attended and talk about our end-of-the-year trip down to the Dallas area to see Sarah's family. But, maybe, once we were actually home, we just needed a little mental break from the Holidays. Or, maybe it was the fact that January doesn't seem to be providing us the downtime we naively presumed it would. Or, possibly, it's because recently we've been planning Pass-the-Cold again.

But, most likely, it was because everything went so smoothly and presently that none of it makes good blog-fodder. It was, in the word of Paul, a simply wonderful Christmas time.

After opening presents at our place on Christmas morning, we made our way over to my parents house in Sammamish. Where we discovered that they had turned their enclosed deck into a quintessential Christmas scene, complete with (as my Aunt purportedly described it) a Martha Stewart worthy Christmas tree. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures ourselves. But, my dad was happy to forward along a couple...

Enjoying Christmas on the Holideck (I just made that up). Note my stylin' red socks.

Stella shows my brother and I how to climb the stairs.

A very tired Stella falls asleep with her mom and Grandma after a long Christmas day.

All in all, it was great to relax and visit with my parents, Grandma (Stella's great-Grandma), Aunt, cousin Nolan (more about him at the end of the entry), as well as my brother and sis-in-law who had flown up from LA to visit.

A couple days later, we boarded a plane to Dallas, on what would be Stella's fifth trip out of Washington. (Stella, in her first 13-months, has now flown more than I had by the time I reached college.)

Our first stop was to visit with Sarah's mom and step-dad in Rockwall, about 45 minutes northeast of Dallas. There we celebrated a second Christmas, relaxed around their house a bit and did a little post-Christmas clothes shopping at one of Dallas' Texas-sized shopping malls.

Stella seems pleased to take a ride on Grandpapa Don's shoulder.

Is there a saying about "the family that surfs the internet together stays together"? Sarah, Stella, Nana and Grandpapa gather around to see Cindy's Farmville farm.

Stella wears her Christmas dress while playing with her new animal blocks. Sarah is dressed a little more casual.

After that, it was another 45 minutes down the road to Commerce, TX to see Sarah's dad and step-mom, as well as her Grandparents and uncle. Even though we arrived at their place the day before New Years, that didn't stop us from celebrating Christmas one last time!

Stella opens presents with her great-grandpa Frank and great-grandma Jean.

Stella pets Skipper!

One last walk in the park with Grandpa Bob before we climb on the plane for our flight home.

As with all holiday seasons, things seemed to go too fast. With the addition of Stella's Birthday that holiday season now starts on the 25th, so its become a bit of a marathon too. It was great that this year everything went so well, and we look forward to seeing what 2010 will bring us!

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